Deport Them

Deport Them

CD single, 12" single

"Deport Them" was the second single to chart internationally released by Sean Paul, and reached number 85 on Billboard's R&B Chart. It features on Paul's debut album Stage One.

Song synopsis Edit

The song deals with the subject of sexually attractive women, as well as Sean's attitude to women who do not fit his aesthetic criteria. He says that if a girl is "nuh di modeling type wi nuh court dem/but if I di big beauty queen wi support dem". Equally if a girl is "nuh up to date wi deport dem" or "can't keep up wit di trends wi report them". The song, then, uses the metaphor of immigration and state control and applies them to Paul's concept of feminine beauty, seeming to imply that women who are not up to his standards should be forced to leave the country. He later extends this metaphor stating that "wi hafi tell dem one ting customary/Keep it tight just like di military", seeming to invoke the Jamaican Military's ban on recruiting homosexuals. Paul is unrepentant saying: "wi nuh sorry... Bad Man nuh sorry cuz we done hit di cherry" arguing that he is not a misogynist, for "done legendary nuff gal wife he marry". The song can be read therefore as both a love song, and as a paean. The song uses the Bookshelf Riddim.

Video Edit

The video for the song is split between Sean Paul & Mr. Vegas's Hot Gal Today and Deport them, the former section featuring scantily clad young women sat around Mr. Vegas and Paul and performing pole dances. At around one minute, ten seconds into the video a character is introduced as "Peanut: Purveyor of Fine Women" ushering in the Deport Them section of the video. Peanut is accompanied with three young ladies who are introduced as "Peanut's Angels", before being introduced specifically by the nick names, "Mocha Puff", "Cappuccino" and "Cocoa Caramel Crunch". The introduction of these characters as 'fine women' appears to be ironic, as they are constantly juxtaposed with the girls originally featuring in the video, and the video closes with Peanut and his friends being led through a door marked "VIP", which is then bolted behind them.

Lyrics Edit

(Verse 1)

Dutty Yo!!!

K. Licious (?)

Yeah yeah, yeah yeah

Dutty yo!

Yo yo yo yo!

Sean Paul a mek di whole world know


From a gal nuh up tp date wi deport dem

Can't keep up wit di trends wi report dem

If I nuh di modeling type wi nuh court dem

But if I di big beauty queen wi support dem(2x)

Again wi nuh sorry, a dutty wuk di gal dem ina every territory

But wi hafi start keep dem in a category

Mandatory ala mi gal dem hafi fit dem hafi ready

Can't keep up wit di trend man I left it

Bad Man nuh sorry cuz we done hit di cherry

Done legendary nuff gal wife he marry

One ting wi hafi tell dem necessary

Big up unu self if unu got it


(Verse 2)

Yo, perform honorary

Wuk ina dem gal dem mek dem feel well merry

Not imaginary nuf a dem a semi very - sexy

Dem well wuh dutty come burry

But wi hafi tell dem one ting customary

Keep it tight just like di military

And mek sure yuh tight extra-ordinary

Three, four, five gal ina mi contrary

Now maintain a hype yah Kerry


(Verse 3)

Unu listen to di words when Sean a Paul a him a chat

And big-up unu self if unu deh pon di top

Unu chat, unu stop, yuh get because yuh fat

And dutty cup yute dem a neva want dat

Dem big a, wi tell dem leave ya

Cause wi nuh wana grate up wit aligata

Wi talk straight a, gal haffi shape a

And when dem walk pon di road dem hafi cause man headache



(Repeat first paragraph)


Chart (2000) Peak
U.S. Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs 80

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