Gimme The Light

Gimme the Light

CD single, airplay, digital download
May 21, 2002

"Gimme the Light" is the first single from Sean Paul's 2002 album Dutty Rock. It was his first hit single, peaking at #7 on the Billboard Hot 100 and it charted at number #32 in the UK Singles Chart, eventually reaching #6 at it's highest.

Song synopsis Edit

The unedited version, as is the case with many Sean Paul releases, makes direct reference to smoking marijuana (in this case, passing along a cigarette lighter to release the marijuana fumes, referred to as "the 'dro" in the song's chorus). Paul is also out clubbing and checking out women for a possible nightcap. References to marijuana were removed from the song for the edited version.

A later remix was commissioned featuring Busta Rhymes. This version only featured one verse and the chorus from the original, replaced by new lyrics from Paul and Busta, also of Jamaican heritage.

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Music videoEdit

The music video for "Gimme the Light" was directed by Little X.

Sean Paul - Gimme The Light (AtlanticVideos)

Sean Paul - Gimme The Light (AtlanticVideos)

Chart performanceEdit

Live performancesEdit

On the 14 February 2003, Sean performed the song at the Top of the Pops building in England, which at the time the song was at #82 in the UK Singles Chart. Sean has also performed the song on countless occasions when he has travelled, one of these live concerts was included in the DVD Duttyology.

Track listingEdit

  1. "Gimmie the Light" (buzz riddim) - 3:45
  2. "Gimmie the Light" (buzz riddim, instrumental) - 2:48
  3. "Can You Do the Work" (featuring Ce'Cile) - 3:27


Chart Peak
Airplay World Official Top 100 20
Canada Top 40 13
German Top 40 35
Nederlandse Top 40 36
Sweden Top 40 34
Switzerland Top 20 19
UK Singles Top 40 6
American Top 40 7
World RnB Top 30 Singles 2
World Singles Official Top 40 16


The most popular remix of "Gimme the Light" is with Busta Rhymes, which is labelled as the 'Pass the Dro Voisier remix'. This version only features one verse and the chorus from the original, replaced by new lyrics from Paul and Busta, also of Jamaican heritage. It can be found on Dutty Rock listed as track number 16. It was remixed by Sean's brother Jigzagula as well as Murray Ellias.

Another remix of the song is with Craig David. The song can be found on YouTube in which David replaces the word 'dro' with 'draw'.

Kanye West has his own version of the song except with completely different lyrics, where he raps over the beat.


Jus Gimme the light

Yea yeah

Jus Gimme the light

Yo yo

Jus Gimme the light


Jus gimme the light

Sean da Paul

Yea yea

Yo yo


Jus gimme the light and pass the dro

Bust another bottle of moe

Gal dem inna me sight and I gots to know...

Which one is gonna catch my flow

Causle I'm inna the vibes and I got my dough

Bust another botte of moe gal them lookin'

Hype and I gots to know

[Verse 1 & 3]

Could I be your protector

You buff in every sector

Every man around them

Want turn your inspector

But you no let them sweat ya

Nor grill you with no lecture

'Bout them power drill

Or them feul injector

Them a infector disease collector

Nuff a them a gwaan on like them want come

Wreck ya... done out the part weh you got in

A you center... but u know you no let them

Guy de affect ya

Yo gal


[Verse 2 & 4]

One / Two / Three / Four / Five of them

Situation gettin' really live again...

Gal them want fi hang out with the players

And the riders them beside of them... and them

Say them tired of the liars them... friars and

Connivers them... will never get inside of

Them then clyder them... especially the

Money hider them... (watchi-watch) gal bout

Them a try fi make a bride a them... denied

Again... some a them a move like a spider-man...

Gal them say them nah open wide again

[Chorus til fade]